Preview window zoom key?

Is there any key combination that snaps straight to the person in the preview window?
Half the time I can’t even find where they are, or they’re a tiny dot that takes 20 scrolls of the mouse wheel to close in on them.

do you mean in the toolset area window? Double-clicking the blueprint entry in the AreaContents panel (usually) focuses on the instance …

then just scroll in …


kevL_s… How long have I been using the toolset ! Thanks for the tip, I never knew you could do that.

But far far worse is that I only discovered when remaking Serene that you could use Ctrl Z when you make a mistake ! That cost me a lot of area closing ( without saving ) and reopening in the past not to mention grass erasing.


i probly made a mistake at some pt (double-click) and went oh dear WOW …

I like those sort of mistakes.

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I just tried this, but it doesn’t actually move the camera in on them.
In the screenshot below, hitting calas’s name in the area content panel doesn’t actually move the camera any closer to him.
In this instance I can see him in the distance, so I’m able to scroll and zoom in, but sometimes I can’t even see which way to scroll.
Exiting the toolset and then restarting it seems to bring them back into view, but I was hoping for something like the DragonAge Origins toolset where you just click on “zoom to object”

none that i know of /sry

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You’re in the properties preview not the area, maybe if you do what kevL_s suggested in the area and got up close they’d appear better in the properties preview window… Just a thought.

Also you could just use the Armor Set tab and that should bring them up close and you can see everything, or the appearance wizard in the basics tab. Be careful it can cause crashes so save first ( I think it’s a grumpy old wizard ).


CreatureVisualizer if you just want to see what the creature looks like …

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I think I tried what you, and Kev suggested.

But double clicking on the Queen here, doesn’t zoom in on either the preview window on the right, or the one I opened by right clicking on the Queen > Properties new window.
The Armor set tab is better for colour matching, but only if the armour isn’t added to the inventory. ie different armour.
I have downloaded KevL_s Creature Visualizer, I’ll see how I go with that.
It’s not a big deal, I just didn’t want to be scrolling, searching, if there was a key shortcut to zoom in.

EDIT: Creature Visualizer is great! Thanks Kev.

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