Problem modding GUI

I increased the number of cells in the inventory to 6 lanes. Initially it was 4. Now if you place an item on the 5th or 6th lane, for some reason it is duplicated in the second inventory tab. On screens this lamp displays. Why is there a duplicate? The same duplication occurs when I increased the number of cells on the hot bars.:thinking:

i think it’s because each page button calls this function:

OnSelected='UIButton_Input_SetRepositoryIndex("0")' // page1

with the index increasing by 32 for each page. So even though you have are 6 lanes on the first page, when clicking to the next page the first slot is still going to be “32”. fix: increase the index of the second page by 16, the third page by 32, etc.

regardless, I believe that the maximum slots is hardcoded at 128 …


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Es. Its work. Thanks.

In my Leveling Screens mod I have included a copy of the Inventory Screen which uses a scroll window for the inventory instead of different pages.
Looking at that xml may give you different ideas about inventory presentation.