Problem openinig a module

Hello !
For the first time, I have a problem opening a module with the toolset.
When I try to open a specific one, instead of it, the toolset opens a temp file with no content.
No other module has this problem.
Has anyone ever met that bug ?
Thanks !

Check if you can still open it with Tanita’s “NWN2.Packer v.19”.
Download the mini-program here on the nVault:

If you can open it with this program, create a new file with the name of your choice in the directory of your modules, located in your documents. The path should look like this:

C: \ Users \ raymondsebas \ Documents \ Neverwinter Nights 2 \ modules

Open the module with NWN2.Packer v.19 and place the content in the new file you just created. Open the ToolSet and select “Open Directory” and choose it.

If nothing still happen… well, as far as I know your module might have the corona virus. My stupid joke aside what I mean is it’s probably corrupt.

Have a nice day and take care.


I juste remarked that my file lost 20mo.
Largely corrupted, for a mysterious reason ! Probably a lack of respirator mask…
Stay contained, don’t expose your old modules !
Luckily, I had a not so old backup.
Thank you very much for your help !