Problem with 4 Seasons Spring Door

I wanted to share this info as it took me much searching and a little luck to come up with this, but in a recent play through the Four Seasons Spring room was bugged and the books said I had already completed the challenge.

What I did was:

Started debug mode
turned on debug text
exited the console and hit + and Y keys
found the door’s tag name
opened the console
ran rs gr_dm
talked to the NPC to have it send me to a location
typed the door tag in chat
confirmed with the npc that I wanted to go to that location
the npc teleported me to the door and opened it.

hopefully someone finds this helpful if they encounter this bug

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Was your bug related to a couple bugs squashed a few years ago, or a new one? One bug was a door that NPCs could open and walk into the rooms out of order.

Check out these posts, starting at #39:

If it is new, do you have a save you can post?

I suggest checking out NWN2Fixes. The package fixes bugs while trying to stay away from adding content not intended to be there originally. Easy to install.