Problem with appearance.2da

I’m trying to use this Ignus Pack in my module:

When using the appearance.2da it messes with the sizes of gnomes and dwarves (they become as big as humans). In my module, whenever I create a dwarf or gnome I have to reduce the sizes of them on the character properties everytime for it to work, and perhaps that is fine. However, I noticed it messes with the game overall if one wants to have a dwarf or gnome as a PC character, then the size is off.

Is there anywhere around this? I tried copying the line with ignus from the appearance.2da in the Ignus Pack to the appaerance.2da that is in the (I copied and then extracted the appearance.2da) and then put that in the override folder instead, but that doesn’t work. When comparing the two 2da files I think the problem lies with the Ignus Pack 2da has only NWN2_Scale, while the one in has NWN2_Scale_X, NWN2_Scale_Y and NWN2_Scale_Z.
I then tried with just ignoring those X,Y,Z things, just skip those (gah, this is hard to explain) and tried to match the ignus line with the other lines in the appearance.2da, but that didn’t work either.

I find it a bit strange that this Ignus Pack appearance.2da messes with things since this pack seems relatively new, so I would think it would mess with nothing in this old game.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

In fact, when looking in all the files (, and they all have the X,Y,Z things in their respective appearance.2da there…so I find it pretty weird that the appearance.2da from the Ignus Pack looks so different and don’t have those things…

I think I actually managed to solve it. Maybe…I’ll have to do a bit of testing first.

Instead of using notepad I used the TlkEdit2 and copied the line (or lines actually, it was when I copied both the diety and ignus lines that it worked) from the Ignus Pack into the appearance.2da from the and very thouroughly checking each of the rows (or what the heck it’s called in english) making sure everything was as it should be, and now I can see the ignus creatures in the toolset. It’ll be interesting to see if the dwarves and gnomes look ok now.
Still, it’s a mystery to me why the appearance.2da from the Ignus Pack look so different from the default one in the game.

In this blog post an Obsidian programmer comments some items coming for version 1.05 and says this:

Appearances.2da had the NWN2_Scale column changed to NWN2_Scale_X, NWN2_Scale_Y, NWN2_Scale_Z, allowing all 3 dimensions to be scaled seperately.

Maybe the appearance.2da file was done for a version older than 1.05?

Yes, perhaps you’re right. Still, the hakpak was made, or uploaded, in 2015 so…

Use my unified appearances.2da from my creature compilation pack, and just remove the models/textures for creatures you don’t want.

Well, it’s working for me now but maybe I’ll try that…thanks.