Problem with beams

I have a problem. One of my cutscene that uses around 50 maybe 60 beams changed recently.

I don’t know if this is some undocumented change in build 33-34 because in .32 when I created it it looked fine. But now the subsequent beams are appearing with a long delay despite there is none. It can take up to 5 seconds till the very last beam shows up to players and since the duration is 4 then it looks like there are some beams missing.

Weird is that the client with build 32 sees it the same as client with build 34 hence I am not sure this was caused by EE update.

But I have no idea what else changed. It happens in test module I was developing it, so it won’t be due to the lags or too much multiplayer traffic happening.

The beams are originating on NPC and leads to invisible placeables around small 2x2 area. These invisible placeables aren’t static of course.

Did anyone else noticed this issue? Any idea how to avoid it and make sure all beams appear simultaneously?

I noticed something similar (but not the same).

The VFX: Shaft of Light placeables have always taken a moment to achieve full brightness, but seem to be getting slower.

More generally, as previously mentioned, dynamic placeables seem to render more slowly, so that instead of appearing instantly, they emerge gradually as additions to the static scene.

This even happens with doors, which looks very odd.

Seems to be worse in areas with a lot of dynamic placeables.

The invisible placeables in this area are pre-placed though.

So yeah, I finally took the time and made a test module and tried it under 1.69 and it is clear that this is yet another EE regression. And honestly, the way how beams looks under EE, now that I tested it under vanilla and saw how they look there, is regression itself.

Note: it seems to only happen in multiplayer.

Guess the only option here is to report to BD and hope it gets fixed.