Problem with Castle Ext drawbridge? - I can't get in!

Has anyone tried to navigate the drawbridge in the Castle Exterior, rural tileset?

I have it in the game I’m making and it looks great. It also works largely as expected. However, it seems to be almost impossible to enter.

There is no problem with lowering the drawbridge. However, when you go to click on the internal gate the area that is elected resembles the size of the Greater London area and all that happens is that the original drawbridge rises again. I’ve managed it by walking back a bit, zooming out, tilting the camera so I’m at maximum height looking down and very carefully clicking on the nearest bit of wall not already lit up by selection but this can’t be right. It seems that the area lit up when you hover over it needs to be reduced but I have no idea how you would do that.

Is this a well known bug or am I just needing to practice entering castles ?

Or is it maybe just that castles are meant to be hard to enter and it’s a design feature? :thinking:

I tried to test it just now but I can’t even build a test area for the damn thing. How do you build it? All I get is a red frame no matter what I do.

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:grinning: Had the same problem until solved a while ago by @TheBarbarian !

Ah, yes, the noble Barbarian. Where would we all be without TheBarbarian!

So, having cleared that little hurdle, I report that my drawbridge works fine, the area transition transitions when clicked as I’d normally click when playing.
This is a bit of an insulting question, but are you sure you set up an area transition properly?

Its not insulting at all. I’m famed for making stupid mistakes. :grinning:

What transition ? I was hoping to just walk through into the courtyard as its all the same area. Cant remember but did it not say the drawbridge is walkable?

PS. I miss @TheBarbarian . . . :cry:

Ooh, so you mean the “passage walkable” drawbridge. Yeah, it’s a bit awkward. The drop-down door is very large and if you try to click beyond it the cursor still catches it and your click interacts with the drawbridge again. It’s best to simply click on the ground far out beyond the wall. I find it awkward but not impossible.

Edit: quick sketch to explain

(It’s not the horizon so much as the edge of the area, the horizon would be way lower with that perspective, but you know what I mean and anyway my drawing prof is not here and oh my god shut up)


Thanks for that. It works !

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Dude, that diagram wins the internet.