Problem with doors in tiles


I got an issue, on tiles some doors emplacement are pitch black while closed (the whole place is engulfed in a black shadow).

Any one got an Idea to correct this behavior ?

Thanks for your time.

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Does it go away after you open the door then close it? Sounds like the tile hiding mechanism with the door being placed in the next tile.

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Yes that it, any solution aside from using an other tile or letting the door open?

You could try moving the door with the keyboard arrow keys until it doesn’t show as dark. Or you can use a door that doesn’t hide the tile, such as the dungeon door.

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Does a subtle light object placement help?

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No, I tried. If you open the door, the shadow is gone, it’s the “fog of war”.

So far the only solutions I got is using bigger doors, or opening them.


Oh, I see … OK, that’s a little more difficult. :slight_smile:

Presumably the other fix would be to actually modify the tile model so the door hook point is properly placed, if it isn’t already.

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