Problem with Kamal's Tileset Textures - Doing something basic wrong

Hi folks.

Huge fan of this work but having a problem insofar as the textures show up perfectly in the Toolset but show great big neon red/yellow/blue TEXTURE MISSING DERP DERP DERP warnings when the PW is live and being played.

So I’ve done something really basic wrong; any suggestions on how I’d check that once I’ve auditioned each texture to see which is working and which is error’ing out?

Thanks in advance,

What tileset/texture combination? It would be easy enough to test your specific combination in my test module for the project. Most likely is that one of those textures is missing in the live environment.

Also, which PW, and post a screenshot from the toolset, because I like seeing my stuff being used :grin:

I’m making a test-area tonight in order to audition them all and find out which ones are missing.
(Making use of them on Tales of Moonsea, but not as extensively as I’d hoped so far, because of this issue – once they’re working they replace a lot of stuff I otherwise had to do pretty painstakingly by hand, giving me more time to fill in other dressing, triggers, descriptive stuff, etc).

Bear with, I’ll get you a couple pics. :smiley:
(I know twice I’ve gotten the error in the estate tileset; I’ll build my testbed on that one tonight)

Hey, Kamal: it’s looking to me like this is solely concentrated in the Estate Tileset so far, and I don’t actually see those listed in the file setup (bad me, I should have checked your readme, you just said you didn’t make any changes for this, duh… ) so, err, anyway, I’m having a total search-fu-fail™ vis-a-vis your test module. Do you happen to have a link?



It’s my personal test module for the project, which is basically a campaign folder with all the stuff in the release, and a simple one area module with nothing except the area, no scripts blueprints, conversations or anything.

Other than some extensions to the Estate tileset in the “standard variants” and the “diagonal” folders I don’t have any estate tiles in the package, as the stock estate tileset supports reskinning and tinting just fine. Can you tell me which specific textures you’re trying to use with estate? I can test that. I suppose it could be some oddball bug with the stock tiles, I found and fixed a few of those in the shadow fortress tileset, though I remember those bugs being due to how Obsidian named parts of the tiles, and that wasn’t an issue for Estate.

Today some of my stuff showed “Texture missing,” but others looked fine in TS but didn’t IG. I think Blight was one of those. Cave stuff showed fine on Cave tileset but showed missing texture in the TS as the counter-example, for instance.

(My day went sideways and I wasn’t able to do NEARLY as exhaustive a test as I’d hoped).

Cave should be relatively easy. The main change to cave tileset is I added a tintmap. So you should just need the tintmap for the cave texture.

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