Problem with NWN2 Save Editor

If anyone else here uses the save editor, are you having a null pointer issue? It started for me 2 days ago, and I can’t access any bic’s! I’ve been using this editor since 2014 across multiple rigs, but now it only works on my oldest pc (which i don’t use). I even tried exporting the local vault files to that pc and editing but it gives the same exception for all my files from the other pcs! Java shows up to date, could it be the most recent java update? Thanks to anyone who might know how to resolve, as the editor is my most used tool. This is a link to those unfamiliar with this tool NWN2 Character Editor | The Neverwinter Vault

Update: I still cannot access my current local vault bic’s or my most recent save player.ifo (i used to bypass bic issues caused by utc characters converted to bic, using a save game character, which worked almost every time). However, I found an old save game and it opened the player.ifo character and all the ros. characters listed (ros. are from the universal character roster).Not sure why it doesn’t throw a null exception on those, but if I can discover a way to get rid of the exception (the instruction from the read me file, -DUseShellFolder=0, does not work, an exception continues to pop up), then I will post it here.

Same problem here. Was working, then all of a sudden, less than an hour later, I get this. Trying to look elsewhere for help, and asking my mentor as well.

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Okay, are you playing with any mods? Have you done any scripting/modding of your own? Any changes to any of the 2da files? Or, is everything basically right from the box?

I have many mods, 2da’s and haks. I thoroughly vet when there is an issue, so I tried it in a clean mod and it was still the same issue (clean override, only modern hak 1.3, no other haks) . The problem is mostly with cloak converted items from the modern hak (i used mdb cloner, have used it with no issue hundreds of times), but it does effect the one other model, the chainmail cowl from the original game. Every other cloak conversion I have works fine, and I have a lot of them, the purpose being to use the helmet slot for another item that works good in combination (cowboy hat and face bandana for instance). I thought it might be items that intersect, but I have several of those that work fine. I have the game on 2 pc’s and a gaming laptop, so I tried it on the most recent install and it has the same issue. Distance does provide some relief, or using non standard humanoid characters, but that is not a solution. Belt mods conversions work on non head items, but I can’t get them to work on head items in game (visual shows in toolset). Hope this info helps, as the combos look great , but not great enough to have them projected on to the other companions…lol!

The problem that I had was, after modifiying the Summon Creature line of spells, apparently, a column number got thrown off in the Spells.2da file. I was unaware of this. As a result, NWN2 Editor would not work. Eventually, when I tried to go back into Spells.2da using the TlkEdit utility, it would not load, telling me there was a numbering error. However, Yata has a built in feature that renumbers things correctly when loading. As a result, my Spells.2da got fixed, and NWN2 Editor worked again. Not sure if this helps, but I have been finding that at least sharing what one’s problem was, sometimes the solution is presented in the same or similar post.


Thanks so much. I was using yata to change both my spells .2da and creatures speed. I recently changed the spells not using yata (I used notepadd++) as I had the same issue, trying to incorporate the teleport spell system hak. I would have never guessed that was the issue without you posting this! I’ll try uninstalling that (it only worked in a clean environ, since the writer didn’t account for either dlc or any mods!!!???). I’ll let u know if that fixed it

Groovy! Let me know.

I dub thee NWN2 resident genius! Thanks much!!!

Hey, don’t just thank me. When I had the problem, I was messaging kev_L on here and he suggested to remove everything from my override folder, then try if with an empty override folder. That got me thinking about what the last thing I was working on, which was a modification to the Summon spell line. And that’s when I found the column error. So, thank him to. If not for him, I wouldn’t have even thought about it that way.

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Not surprising. He and Lance are 2 of the most helpful people on this forum! You guys keep bringing back things I forgot…I used to read the java errors, then use the GIF (tlkedit) to clean out utc stuff on pc conversions so the editor could open them…hadn’t done it so long forgot how…lol. You have a good handle and work backwards thru issues like I do, so I’ll throw this out. This is an old mod but is fantastic Teleport spells | The Neverwinter Vault - The problem is, it’s made pre DLC so you have to rework basically the whole 2da and the tlk. Editing the 2da is no issue, but I am sure the 2 tlk files are the issue (and I haven’t worked with tlk files. If you get a chance take a look, and if u see an easy way to integrate this mod to the current state of the game, let me know!

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