Problem with skin-meshes

I’m not sure if this is the proper section for this topic. However since some days I have noticed that creatures with skin-meshes, including originals from the game like the mist dragon or Masterius the lich; Don’t show their skin-meshes in game, with several environmental illuminations. They used to work well before so I think that perhaps a windows update have change something.

have anybody had the same problem, any idea what hapen? Thanks.

Maybe a Windows update… If you use W10, the last updates are notoriously botched on the legacy side, and it seems some of our NWN2 comrades had related issues and were forced to reinstall the game after a Windows update (look the thread by Lance Botelle). The graphic driver could be a suspect too.

Thanks Cavegnome. I use windows 7, reinstalling the game didn’t work for me, but I still think is cause a windows update…

Do you have a nvidia?
I had similar problems and I solved by updating the drivers

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Actually yes, NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 520.
I have updated the NVIDIA drivers, and the problem seems to be fixed.

Thank you, Quevy!

Thank you Cavegnome, for take the time for answer me too.