Problem with using dm for accessing areas (teleporting) - missing area tags

Hello guys,

I did not visit Ironfist Clanhold (Khelgar quest) in act I. I noticed only after I went in Act II and had no saves from Act I. So I would like to telport there.

After summoning dm by rs gr_dm I managed to teleport to module 1300_old_owl_well. Now I am not able to teleport to following areas: AR1308 Ironfist Approach/Bugbear Approach; AR1311 Ironfist Clanhold (as per list from:
When I talk to DM I use tags I found using toolset, in “tag” field in “general”. The problem is that area Ironfist Clanhold tag is an ampty field, and the Ironfist Approach/Bugbear Approach has the same tag (1308BugbearApproach) as the AR1301 and I end up teleporting to AR1301. I tried to change the tags and it seems to work in toolset. However when talking to DM nothing changes, so I conclude that the actually tags are stored somwhetre else. Would anyone be so kind and assist, please?

Ok I have figured out the solution. Despite the fact that 2 areas have identical tag, I am also able to use other object, I think it’s called “waypoint” (yellow arrow on the map). I checked out the tag of this object in the area I am interested in and used that while speaking with DM.