Problems with latest NVidia driver update

I updated to the latest NVidia driver and discovered that water textures were not rendered and everything was blurry. I disabled DOF, which solved the blurry problem.

In the end, I used the device manager to rollback to the previous driver and all was good again.

Yeah, it’s well documented that the new driver is a bust. I posted a bug report in the feedback thread nVidia has for it. Judging from the number of other issues being reported, we might see a new driver sooner rather than later.

I’m sure you probably know, so this is for those who might not: only update your drivers if you’re having issues with something. I’m pretty sure they’ve dumped their QC department in favor of using the enduser community to test their new drivers.

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Hello, I don’t suppose you have the NVidia driver version number handy for this faulty driver??
Would be nice to know that for reference…Thanks.

Little bit of necromancy on this thread :slight_smile: Anyway, this driver issue was fixed in July 22. Don’t have the driver number available.

Thank you, silly me, just after I posted the question I noticed the date on the message and figured this would have been fixed already. :wink: