Project comment tracking?

is there a way to have the vault notify and/or forward comments that are submitted on a project page ? for example, if i upload a module, i’d like to get a notification whenever someone posts a comment for the module.

xorbaxian you should see a number in the upper right of your avatar picture if you have reply to a post you made. There also should be a white print on a topic you replied to or someone else replied to a topic you made also.:four_leaf_clover::grinning:

thanks for the reply, greenman. :slight_smile:

yes, i understand about the number regarding replies to forum posts, and i’m also happy i get email telling me when someone has replied. what i’m actually interested in is getting an email notification any time someone submits a comment on a project page for projects i’ve submitted [i.e., not a forum post]. this wasn’t happening a few months ago, do you know if this works now ?

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I don’t think there is such a mechanism. At least I haven’t found one. I’ve just had to make regular visits to the “My Recent Content” tab of the “Recent Content” link on the front page in order to try to track when comments are made on my projects.


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