Project Download Rules for the Installer Tool (NIT)


This is a forum for people to contribute to NIT’s Project Download Rules by posting rule changes, additions and suggestions.

Each time NIT is started, it downloads the rules from the web, which allows rule updates to be published without having to release NIT.

Editing Rules

Changes you make to the Rules File will be lost the next time you start NIT (because it will download the Rules from the web). Normally, you would make changes and test them during one NIT session after which, you would copy and paste your changes to a forum post.

if you want to make rule changes and test over a number of NIT sessions, set Use local Download Rules file on the Advanced page in Settings to Yes. Don’t forget to set it back to No when you have finished so that you continue to receive other changes that may have been published.

Viewing the Rules

Although you can use any text editor, Notepad++ with NIT’s DownloadRules Language is recommended.

After you set Enable Debug Options Menu on the Advanced page in Settings to Yes, click Options, Debug Menu Options, Open Download Rules to view the rules.

You can make navigating the rules easier by clicking Fold All from Notepad++’s View menu (Alt+0).

You can then expand the Region of interest to add a new definition or locate the one you want to change.


Notepad++ Download Rules Language version 1.2 has been released and is available for download from the Project page.

The release includes syntax highlighting for new statements introduced with the release of NIT v5.3.5.