Project FL


That’s been my experience as well… although sometimes it just crashes outright.


We’ve gotten spoiled from all the cool custom content the people here have created over the years. :wink:


I think all of us resemble that remark both module builders and players alike.:thinking:


For those interested in this project, I inform you that at the beginning of June I stopped working on it due to an injury that prevented me from using a hand. This problem was prolonged because the injury did not heal well and became chronic. Now I am a little better and I will dedicate some time, but I will go a lot slower. I’m going to a rehabilitation center.


As someone who is disabled I do hope things go well for you. Take your time the key is to look for the small victories. Good luck, Greenman.


I hope the rebab goes well. Just remember your health is way more important than a game. Best wishes.


As @Greenman6220 said, take your time. As one that suffered a severe head injury back in November, time is the real key. So don’t rush and be well.



I’m sorry to hear about your injury, Freshlook; I know how much of an obstacle it can be not to be able to use a hand. But I’m glad to hear you haven’t dropped this project; I was getting a little concerned you might have moved on. Please take it easy and get fully healthy. Thank you for letting us know.


don’t push yourself too hard, man. better dedicate all your energy and time to recover as best as possible. if that’s done you can think about a stupid game again :wink:


I have been working with shadows, trying to get softer edges:

I use the same technique that Unity for directional lights (PCF 5x5 with 9 taps for those that understand).


Yes that looks more natural. Is it uniform across all light sources? Seems like you’d mainly want it for non-point sources like the Sun.


Point lights and spot lights use less softer but faster technique.


Working on physically-based atmosphere and sun rendering: