[Project Q EE] Foliage Edge Softener Hotfix & A Word about the Broken Q Skyboxes

I’ve posted a hotfix that softens the edges of the foliage meshes in Project Q. The files are in a 7z archive at the top of the downloads list on the main page.

Project Q v3.1 (For NWN Enhanced Edition v8193.13) | The Neverwinter Vault

Those of you using the Q overcast skyboxes may have noticed that, as of EE 8193.28, they are no longer affected by fog color. I’ve talked to Soren at Beamdog about this and they will be fixed in the next preview.

NO, this doesn’t mean I’m updating Q for the most current iteration of EE. I merely posted this as a convenience for other Builders.

The skyboxes were fixed in one of the BD patches and the foliage hotfix isn’t needed anymore unless you have an older (as in dinosaur) system.