Project Q has a musician holding a musical instrument

Project Q has a musician holding a musical instrument.

A long time ago I imported him into my module that uses CEP 2. version. After tweaking the script ‘q_musico’ and checking the visualeffects.2da to point to the right effect (eBanjo), the musician looked perfect. Now he is still playing the proper animation but he is not holding the instrument anymore. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get him to hold the instrument again? any 2da to tweak or what?

If I give him an instrument in his hand he holds it like this:

It seems that something happens with the 3d-model of the instrument, when playing it. probably some recherche is necessary to find out what happens. If you could provide the character model and script in an erf, this would speed the process up.

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You can see this in action in the opening scene of my Dark Energy module.

In general, the code on first entering the area would be

          SetPhenoType(PHENOTYPE_SOCIAL, oNPC);
          AssignCommand(oNPC, PlayAnimation(ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM1, 1.0, FOREVER));

where FOREVER is a very large float constant.

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The animation is actually working with the scripts I’m using. My problem is that the instrument he was holding has disappeared. The original npc in ‘project q’ has no instrument in his inventory either but he spawns in holding an instrument and playing it. I’ve checked out your Dark Energy @Proleric too and he also spawns in holding and playing his instrument.
My npc is spawning in playing an invisible instrument. I don’t know where the instrument itself spawns in from. I checked the ‘visualeffects.2da’ and the ‘baseitems.2da’ but I can’t seem to find any reference to an instrument.
I could probably leave him like that but he looked cooler playing the instrument. :smiley:
I have discovered that the problem happens when i use my hak:
Somehow something I’ve added in this hak in the last 2 years has caused the instrument in the musician’s hands to disappear. The instrument was there before this…I guess a tedious trial and error adding and subtracting and testing is in order for me. …sigh…
It would still help if someone knows what item/items ‘2das’ 'mdl’s etc. I should be looking out for…

IIRC there’s no item or vfx involved in the DE example, so my first thought is that the banjo is embedded in the social phenotype model itself - maybe you’re over-riding the CEP version somehow?

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After comparing a previous hak where the musician had the instrument and the newer hak, I found the problem. My newer hak had a ‘visualeffects.2da’ that was overriding the CEP one. Once I removed it, problem solved! The musician has his instrument back! (One other positive thing to come out of all this is I got to clean up more redundant files from my hak; newer version will be uploaded soon)

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