Project Q installation questions

Hi everyone, I’m new to NWN mods and I’m trying to install Project Q but I’m having some trouble.

From what I understand, Project Q updates content from the main campaigns, not only modules specifically designed for it, correct?

If that’s the case then I can’t get it to work, I’m using the Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition from GOG and I followed the instruction in the Project Q release thread but I see no effect in-game.

Can anyone help me out?

Hi, @iVoid,
If you want OC (original campaigns) with project Q improvements, you’ll need to grab not only Q haks but some .nwm file overwrites as well.
look here: Q Campaigns
Remember to follow the instructions from the link on this site (see description above files to download)

Project Q is designed to be used by module builders. There is a set of instruction around for installing PQ as a set of patch haks. This will enable the overrides of the base game assets to show up in the unmodified OC. However you will also be getting any of the Q 2da changes beyond that. This mechanism is not officially supported by the Q team. But it has worked for a number of people. I’m hoping, at some point, to have an override version of Q that is designed for this purpose. Time is a limited resource…

Thank you both for your help, I appreciate it.

Thanks to you I was able to realize what was going on. I read about Project Q through this blog post, and I had the impression from what I had read that it was compatible with unmodified OC by default, I found it a bit weird that the instructions posted there didn’t match the ones in the official Project Q release, so I decided to follow the official ones.

Now that I followed the instructions in that blog post I managed to get it to work, and I suppose these are the instructions for installing it as a set of patch haks you mentioned. The blog post did mention there was a chance of some bugs, are there any other side-effects?

As for the Q Campaigns, they are an independent module, not a replacement module correct? So if I’m in the middle of a chapter in one of the original campaigns I can’t use my game save with those, right?

EDIT: I read a bit more of the Q Campaigns release page, and it seems that the module is very old and for an old version of Project Q, apparently the author himself recommends to use the hak patch method instead, and even links to the blog post I mentioned.

I suppose that you can’t use your older saves in Q Campaigns but I’m not 100% sure, BTW - NWN looks definitely better with Q, have fun playing :grinning:

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