PROJECT Q IV - Development Resumes 1/1/2023

Now that I’ve had a good look at Project Overhaul and have a good feel for where that’s headed - along with the development path for CEP 3 and CEP 2, I’m pretty confident I can continue to move forward with Project Q IV along its original direction.

A small reorganization update will be released on or about 1/1/2023 and then development will resume, continuing along the Dark Fantasy artistic style.

The current QIV content has been reorganized and condensed into 2 core HAKs and 3 optional HAKs:

q4_artpack - new content
q4_overrides - overrides for base game content

q4_!castlerural - Q Castle Exterior Rural nonoverriding (QNO40)
q4_!shields - Q shields override (PBR mapped)
q4_!weapons - Q weapons override (pbr mapped Project Reforged by TAD)

ALL pbr maps for core content have been moved into their respective haks. I have also removed two soundsets (they only had one audio file associated - useless): Kornah and Sentinel.

NOTE: Due to the graphic overhauls used in QIV, implementing it as an overriding patch-hak can create visual reference issues with modules not specifically designed for it. For example, a quest might be given to retrieve an item from the XP2 placeable red or blue tent, which in QIV have been recolored to match the tents used in the Forest Tileset. While most visual differences are minor, players should be aware they exist.


Source files - to build your own haks - can be found at…

This is LIVE repository that contains the latest files, including fixes and changes implemented between major Vault releases.

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I’m done messing with the organization of the source files so it’s safe to download the repository without worrying about drastic changes to it.

Now onto bug testing (mainly looking for missing textures that make q4_overrides.hak reliant on other haks - that one needs to stand on its own). Once that’s complete, I’ll upload the first Stable release to the Vault.

Had to move the source files off my Google Drive as it was getting too full. I’ve placed the source files in a 7z file on the Project Q IV project page.