Project Q IV Has Evolved into Project FUBAR

Project Q IV Has Evolved into Something…Different

A few weeks ago, I was looking at doing some spell fixes for a module I’ve been developing and, after a few start/stop fails, I decided to give the CPP a second look. Well, in typical fashion for myself, I dove right in and by the time I was done my review/incorporation of CPP into my module, things had gotten way out of control. I’m still not sure if CPP ate Project Q IV or Q ate CPP.

Anyway, I’ve dubbed this new boatload of content…


For those that are curious, I’ve attached the ChangeLog. Note, not ready for release yet, but getting closer every day.

Project FUBAR rc1.txt (22.8 KB)


First release candidate is out…

Project FUBAR | The Neverwinter Vault

Second release candidate is out…

Project FUBAR rc2.txt (6.7 KB)

I’m currently playing through PotSC as a means of thoroughly testing things out. So far, so good…

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Release candidate 3 is out…

Project FUBAR rc3.txt (4.2 KB)

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For the upcoming RC4, I’ve replaced the CPP/Bioware AI with a TonyK AI v1.08 and Jasperre AI v1.4b3. TonyK AI is used for associates and Jasperre AI is used for NPC monsters.

I’m in the process now of testing and revising the documentation. Should be able to get a release out for it next week.

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RC4 is out and available from my both the Steam Workshop and my OneDrive account

I’ve given up on the Vault uploader. With my bandwidth constraints, I cannot be wasting it on multiple attempts to upload a file here.

Project FUBAR rc4.txt (5.2 KB)

If anyone wants to test out Rc5 - made some more improvements to the AI (thanks Jasperre for 1.3 and BePower for his update mod)

FUBAR rc5a.7z (1.1 MB)

You’ll need to be on 35 and will have to download the files from OneDrive and build the HAKs. If you have stuff in your /override, BACKUP your folder, and then install the FUBAR override files into a clean folder.

Note: you can omit the NSS and NCS files from your /override as they are all in the module.

Post any feedback on the AI here. One creature should fight defensively, one should run away, and one is an archer. Sharwyn is also there as a henchman. The gold needed to hire her is in the chest beside her.

Project FUBAR now on my new site - along with all my current and future projects

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