[Project Q IV] Proposed Development Change

After isolating textures into their own hak and other general nonsense with sorting the source files, I’m damn tempted to completely change the HAK structure of Qv4 - releasing everything in one big hak.

The first hak would be “projectQv4_00” with subsequent releases being sequentially numbered as patches - “projectQv4_01”, “projectQv4_02”, etc.

Alongside this, I could release the source files as a separate download so Builders not wanting the whole shebang can cherry pick content.


Overall I think weighing efficiency and a clear organization over modularity makes sense for this iteration. As for updates, if you mean that every patch has to be applied on top of the previous hak, I can imagine that will at one point work against the first point (as presumably that means that files may become scattered between haks according to the time they were added/modified?)

Currently using a HAK structure which I think will be what I finally go with going forward. The HAKs are sequentially numbered and attach in descending order:

projectq4_03 - new content
projectq4_02 - overrides of base game content (and fixes)
projectq4_01 - PBR maps and MTR files for base game content (phase II)
projectq4_00 - PBR maps and MTR files for base game content (phase I)

As an added bonus, the “projectq4_00” hak is self-contained, meaning that if you’d rather use Dafena’s or Soren’s PBR maps (or your own) you can. Just remove the Q HAK from your module.

I don’t like it :slight_smile: Do you have the 2das scattered among those increasing numbered haks? It’s friendlier to builders to have at least a clear 2da/top hak in my opinion.

The real content haks numbered as you have them seem fine I guess. It looks like those first three are basically optional overrides?

Using those numbers for updates seems like it would collapse, as Lord_Vedam mentioned.

my 2 CP anyway…

Based on your’s and other’s suggestions:

projectq4_05 - new content
projectq4_04 - fixes and overrides of base game content
projectq4_03 - overrides of base game weapons (optional)
projectq4_02 - overrides of base game shields (optional)
projectq4_01 - PBR maps and MTR files for base game content (creatures and placeables)
projectq4_00 - PBR maps and MTR files for base game content (tilesets)

HAKs 00 and 01 are theoretically optional, allowing for removal in favor of other projects that implement PBR mapping (e.g., Dafena’s or Soren’s packs).

HAKs 02 and 03 are optional, allowing for removal or replacement in favor of other similar override projects (e.g., Bill’s EE weapons, the BD HD Pack weapons, Miqail’s, etc.)

HAK 04 is theoretically optional, but only in so far as being separated for those who only want the base game overrides (e.g. Players using it as a Patch-HAK). However, due to the 2DA references in HAK 05, HAK 04 is required to use HAK 05.

HAK 05 houses all the top level 2DA files EXCEPT those that are only necessary to facilitate lower HAK independence, which is, as of this writing, only the 04 HAK. Thus, the 2DA files aren’t “scattered”. The only 2DA files from the 04 HAK included in the 05 HAK are those that have been updated for content in the 05 HAK (and thus required).

With the expanded HAK structure opening up space in each HAK, it allows me to add new content in the future without adding another HAK (until that new content exceeds the 2GB per HAK limit). Updates to existing content will occur in place, meaning that each updated release of Qv4 will be a FULL download. While I was initially against going this route, its far easier for Builders if the HAK structure doesn’t change with each release.

Alongside each release, the FULL 2DA source will be released as an independent download and the Qv4 source files will always be available through OneDrive sharing, allowing PW admins and Builders to cherry pick the cotent they want.

Lastly, certain pieces of Qv4 will be released as independent downloads (e.g., the Qv4 Castle Rural Exterior tileset).