[Project Q IV] Yet Another Poll - Texture HAK?

One of the design parameters of the original Project Q was making the various core HAK files modular. This resulted in a lot of texture files being duplicated among the core HAKs. While this didn’t really pose any issues with 1.69/Diamond, it is causing a considerable amount of bloat as I make PBR maps for the various textures.

Thus, the poll…

  • [Preserve Modularity] Keep the core textures in each HAK, duplicating whatever files are necessary
  • [Remove Modularity] Place all the core textures in an independent texture HAK

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Note: If the textures are placed in an independent HAK, modularity will still be possible BUT require the use of the texture HAK (e.g. a Builder only wanting the Qv4 placeables would use q4_placeables.HAK AND q4_textures.HAK.

Voted on behalf of my son.

Out of interest how many are duplicated? Is it mainly tilesets?

Mainly placeables and tilesets and not very many atm. However, I can see it ballooning out of control in the not too distant future.

I’m trying to avoid using the new tileset textures for placeables, as my current plan is to have each tileset self-contained in its own idependent HAK. However, as I’ve found it necessary to use some tileset textures for placeables…

Actually I would go with a third option here - retain modularity but have an optional hak for just PBR textures and .mtr files so I haven’t voted.


Didn’t think of that one and it’s too late to add it.

Got the info I needed thanks - might be heading in a different direction. See [Project Q IV] Proposed Development Change - General Natter - Neverwinter Vault
for details.