Project Q on steam. Any chance?

Any chance of getting Project Q on steam? CEP is there and I think it would help get more players via Steam, if both of the 2 big projects (CEP and Q) are on steam, so that we minimize the hassle for new players.
It would certainly help those of us who would like to post mods on steam :slight_smile: Automatic updating via their subscription system etc. seems like a really good thing… Plus this is a chance to help get more players for NWN again :slight_smile:

Any reason NOT to post things on steam?

cheers, Pap

It’s under consideration. It’s more work for me and I’m a little busy at the moment.

Also, I’m the current keeper of Q but it’s not really my work mostly. And I don’t really like steam. And I don’t really want to have to give them $5 to have the ability to post stuff to the workshop and it will mean two places to keep the files up to date and …

All that said it will probably happen at some point.


That would be great!

Personally I think Steam/Valve is doing a great job. Extremely convinient for players, easy to get old games to work, maintain a games library etc. and a great interface too. I find the automatic download of subscribed projects to be perfect for things like NWN modules/haks that gets updates regularly. (No, I’m not working for Valve…)

Cheers, Pap