Project Q v4.00 Under Development

Going to try to post an in-game screenshot each day.


Cool! No worries about those buildings, I won’t take it personally if you decide against porting them over :slight_smile: But splitting up and thus deflating QNO sounds like a sound idea to me. In it’s current state - meaning the version in PQ 3.x - can sometimes become a little overwhelming to build with I think. On the other hand, all these options are also quite neat to have in a single tileset :man_shrugging:

My question was more aimed at the WW tiles since I didn’t spot the tree terrain in your screenshots yet.

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The WW tree terrain is getting a polish before going in - tilelights added, sparkly emitters removed, etc. It’s also getting renamed so as not to conflict with the WW tileset.

More screenshots - redid the low wall stone texture (again) due to blending issues where the wall meets the city lake. Also using this texture for the stone walls on the rural buildings. These screenshots also show off the new wood texture (pine tar finished wood) which will be used across the tileset. The last shot shows the “bog wood” variant.


Water Wheel Detail

Watermill Bridge Detail

Pine Tar Wood Finish


Bog Wood



Toolset shots of the new/old GrassyTrees terrain - using option 2 from the poll I ran over the weekend. As per Zwerkules comment, I’ve added more thickets beneath the trees to help define them as blocker terrain.

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First in-game shot of the updated GrassyTrees - increased undergrowth. FPS is stable at 60. Same area size/layout using the Qv3 iteration of the tileset yields fps that jumps between 35-45. So, reducing the overall size of the tileset seems to have a significant impact on its overall performance.


Some screenshots of the rebuilt stream crossers - no more blocky corners and intersections. Given the ease with making these, I’ll be adding some variants to help break things up visually.

Elevation transition


Needed a break from streams and trees…


Got a poll up on the Vault if anyone wants to give input about “shadow blobs” for tree foliage meshes in the Project Q QNO II revamp tileset. [Project Q v4] Tree Foliage Shadows

Should have a Beta release of the new Qv4 Castle Rural tileset up for download in a few hours. Just have a few more tiles to clean up.

EDIT - Beta Tileset hak for messing around Project Q IV | The Neverwinter Vault


Taking a break from QNO to work on some classic creatures…

Sknimesh Rust Monster w/ PBR mapping


Orc overhaul - some minor texture editing and model rework.


Got sick of working on humanoids - working on beetles for a change of pace


Preview Build available at Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Inside the /utils/Q Installer folder is a BAT file and CFG file for Nasher. Running the BAT file will install Project Q IV PREVIEW. You must have NASHER and NIM Tools installed.

Pardon the name of the link - it goes straight to the source files on my OneDrive.

This will be available in the next alpha update - available now on the preview branch

Stomach Interior Tileset - fully PBR mapped

I’m also working on a skinmeshed version Firehazurd’s and Lacero’s Purple Worm as well as a Remorhaz derivative.


Should have the second alpha release up on the weekend.

Alpha 2 is now available for download - Project Q IV | The Neverwinter Vault

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Amazing! Q is alife again! But Discord link is broken.

New link for Discord - this one won’t expire (when did they start expiring?)

I’ve decided to discontinue development of Project Q IV.

After seeing the alpha of Jasperre’s Overhaul project, and combining that with the Beamdog HD Project, along with CEP 2 (which gobbles up any remaining good content), I no longer see Project Q as a project worth pursuing. It was fun while it lasted, but imo, it’s time to close the lid on the coffin and say goodbye to Q.

Another major consideration for me is that tbh, I really no longer enjoy making custom content, and, if there’s no enjoyment in it, what’s the point. So, what you see on the project page is what you’ve got. Do whatever with it.

Now onto better and more interesting things

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