Project Q v4: GrassyTrees Tiles [Poll]

Now that QNO is a standalone tileset, it opens up some other options. Which GrassyTrees style do you prefer?

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EDIT - Updated picture of Option 2 (put in the correct foliage color)

Just to elaborate - “style” is referring to open space behind the trees (option 2 - walkmesh still blocks movement) or blackwall behind the trees (option 1).

The foliage is going to use the darker color regardless of which option I end up with.

Cast a vote for my son (maybe one day I can convince him to join the site :slight_smile: )

Whoops - seems I blanked out all the votes - SORRY :expressionless:

It is not only a question of style but also visibiltiy. How do you explain that people can’t see what’s on the other side of the trees when the forest looks like wild woods style? The shrubs aren’t even dense enough to keep people from walking between the trees.

Good points.

Poll closed. Thanks for voting - got the info I needed. Since option 2 barely edged out option 1, I’m going to include option 2 as part of the q4_castlerural hak and then make an optional q4_!treewall hak that will hold option 1.