[Project Q v4] Tree Foliage Shadows

Did a little tinkering with tree foliage shadows this morning and came up with this:



Does it add anything of value to the game in the way of shadows or are we content with just “tree trunk only” shadows like we have now.

Vote below if you so desire and then maybe state the reasoning for your vote.

Should I give the QNO trees foliage shadows as shown in the screenshots?

  • Yes, it’s better that nothing.
  • No, let’s just leave the shadows as is.
  • Get rid of foliage AND “tree trunk” shadows. One without the other looks weird.

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I voted yes because it is better than nothing and players do have the option of turning off shadows. IMO, having tree trunks cast shadows and not foliage looks weird.

After looking at photos like this…

I’m pretty certain that, given the density of the foliage, the shadow blob makes sense - not seeing a lot of individual leaf shadows in that image.

I’ll keep the poll open for a day or two, but I think these new screens will counter any argument for not using foliage shadows.

Thanks to @merricksdad for the MaxScript that made this possible.