Project Qv3.0 WIP Log (Completed Tasks)

Fixes Made So Far…

  • added Qv2.3 (unreleased update)
  • added Q-Lite
  • restored modularity to the core haks (broken by Qv2.2)
  • cleaned up q_scripts.erf - now only contains core (base) scripts
  • verified q_crafting.erf only contain crafting related script and conv files
  • verified q_tailor.erf only contains tailor related script, utc, and uti files
  • moved areag.ini from q_2da to q_tilesets
  • updated both modules to NWN:EE (note, these files will NOT open with the v1.69 Toolset)
  • removed all non-CORE (base) scripts from the base module
  • removed Q Crafting and Q Tailor assets from the base module
  • fixed a compiler error in tlr_setname.nss
  • archived original Q version documentation
  • fixed documentation for the Romantic Animations (changed illustration 2)
  • created a new v3.0 ReadMe that compiles important info from previous documentation
  • created source archive for 2da files (see \docs\Qdocs\BuilderResources\source\2da_files)
  • created source archive for script files (see \docs\Qdocs\BuilderResources\source\scripts)
  • added missing Q module event scripts to each Q module (they were there, but not being used in module properties
  • fixed a bad string const variable definition in line 130 of q_inc_switches.nss.
  • restored DLA Dynamic Quivers (they were overwritten in Qv2.2).

My tentative plans are to release what I get completed as Qv3.0 on Labor Day Weekend. Then I’ll be taking a break for the Fall’19 Semester (so I can finish my degree finally).

I have not yet dived into all the new features that NWN:EE offered. I’ll be looking into that after the game has a stable 64-bit release and once the new renderer is released.

During my hiatus - from September through December - I’ll be working on content and bugs that slip through the cracks in my spare time. Anything added or squashed (bug) will be released as Qv3.1 after Christmas.

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