Project tagging broken

@Fester_Pot @niv Attempting to add a tag to a project on the Vault now results in the error

An AJAX HTTP error occurred
HTTP result code 200


Yes, comes out mentioning a parse error, perhaps a database issue? This is beyond my skill, so @niv will have to look into this. Seems to happen on any field that can auto-generate text from previous entries.


Thanks guys, my first time uploading a module… I thought I broke something

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Got this error too, but it seams to store the new tags properly

Creating the tag(s) in a text editor and then pasting into the box does not produce this error. I did mention this error a while ago.


wonder if its browser specific

If niv is keeping up with Drupal security updates then it may be related to this. which was a result of this security patch

Okay well thanks for this work around

Sorry about that. Must have been a security patch, like orth said. Should be fixed now.