is now dormant.

The old content is now readily available at the Vault or elsewhere.

The home page is still up, with links.

The reason for this is that site maintenance was becoming onerous, given that most of the activity is now on other sites.

Thanks to everyone who contributed over the years.

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thanks for the heads-up, proleric. i hope you decide to leave the homepage, you’ve done some really amazing things for the community and the hp is a nice concise reference. :slight_smile:

question - in your video, how did you make the death crow dance ? i imagine it’s a custom animation ? it looks a bit like one of the spell-casting anims, but there’s clearly some interesting hip-action added to the mix… :wink:

I don’t have that Death Crow script anymore, but IIRC it is one of the Zeiram or Stzehn dances which I added to the custom animations of Dark Energy (see final page of ReadMe).

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thanks for this, proleric. this is golden. :slight_smile: