Prophet 2

can any one help ?

playing prophet 2 , in the temple of memory. when i touch the obelisk nothing happens

I downloaded it, but the area Tempe of Memory has no obelisk in it. But I think I know what do you mean, there are 5 areas this area leads to and there are obelisk in them. But I see no problem, I tested just one area directly, but I was able to use it and talk to it.

First of, try this: (3.8 KB)

Unpack and put into override folder, if that won’t help, then I need your savegame.

There are tons of issues and bugs that EE caused, the pathfinding was never worse for example, but all of the obelisks are placed solitery so there shouldn’t be problem in that either.

did not work, down-loaded file , extracted files moved to override , same problem.

savenfo.txt (28 Bytes)

That is not a valid save game. You need to archive the whole folder that you find in nwn user folder/saves

EDIT: nvm, I was able to reproduce the issue. It is the pathfinding problem, as I said, pathfinding was never worse and is currently critically bugged in EE. I try to move the obelisk and see if that works.

I workarounded the problem by moving obelisk a bit. Here is the module with this workaround in it:

note, that this can be opened/played under 1.69, so it can be used as replacement for current prophet 2 if the author or moderators wishes so.

Unfortunately @gymt , this won’t help you due to the way how saves works. The fix above will work only for new replays.

You have two options.

  1. try development version of NWN:EE. I read in patch notes that they reverted this crap pathfinding, so maybe that fixes the problem.
  2. download this and put the file into override. Then load the game, run close to the obelisk and type this into chat:
    ##DebugMode 1
    ##dm_runscript talktoobelisk

after you will be done with it, you will want to disable debugmode via
##DebugMode 0

hope it helps

Yeah, current stable release really is broken in pathfinding. Hopefully they will fix it soon.