Publishing a redesigned mudule


I have been trying to contact Mecha-Ice, the author of Diablo - The Remake.

However, he has not in the vault. His email address,, is not accepting emails anymore.

I want to publish a customised version of his module.

I am not a modder or a person who can write scripts but I have redesigned the module to have non-epic and shorter module with more feel and look like Diablo in my opinion.

Since I feel it came out pretty good, I would like to share this with some people might have similar tastes.

Do you know wehther I can publish it even though I cannot get the permission from the author?

Sorry for bothering you all, but I’d appreciate it if you could give me some advice.

thank you and kind regards,


Its “Open. Free & open only if project is free and open”

Go for it. Just be sure to link back to the original in the new listing.

The site guidelines:

The module in question was uploaded by Migrate Wizard, which means we can’t be absolutely certain that the author intended an open license. However, it would be reasonable to proceed under the “customary usage” clause.

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Agreed. It sounds like you’ve done due diligence in trying to contact the author for permission.

Thank you very much, Pstemarie, Proleric and Andarian for your advices!

I am going to finsih it up by writing discriptions, README, etc., and hopefully publishing it this month.

Thank you.