Quarterstaves as Double-sided weapons

It’s been years since I’ve dug into the guts of NWN, and the custom content guide is not helping this time. I’d simply like to make Quarterstaves be double weapons, but danged if I can find the right column in the baseitems.2da that controls that…unless I’m looking in the wrong file? Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Bonus points for helping me have Monks use their unarmed attack bonus for the dang things too. xD

I’m a bit of a noob and not really sure this is even something that can be done, but if you do simply change staffs to double weapons you should be aware that they’ll be practically useless to anyone without dual wielding abilies as a player cannot simply choose to wield a double weapon as anything other than two weapons.

You could give quarterstaffs a unique ability that replaced them with a double weapon-version of themselves (working as a kind of stance change, I guess) to prevent this.

But I have no idea how to edit basic weapon properties or create new ones, sorry.

Change the WeaponWield column setting from “4” to “8”. You might also compare some of the other double weapon fields with the other quarterstaff fields.

EDIT: After a little further research, the change I noted above will only affect the animations. Thus, I’ve a sneaking suspicion that what you are looking to do may be hard-coded.

Thank you. :slight_smile: Yes, I discovered that as well day 1 sadly that it only controlled animations. Ahh well. perhaps Beamdog will “uncode” it for us. Thanks!

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It looks like Beamdog unlocked this, as in testing today I was able to edit the “WeaponWield” entry in the baseitems.2da and behold, the off-hand attack showed up in my character sheet.

Now, can anyone point me to where I can change it so that Quarterstaves get the monk unarmed attack bonus, similar to Kamas?

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Wow! You’re right. I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out. Now my wizard with his 8 str can attack at -7/-11 . . .well a great idea for monks, not so great for Wizards. Still, it is what it is. Perhaps wizards should not be getting into melee at all.