Quest System


got one last request for ya guys for a bit.

Any chance someone could give me a step by step on how to add persistent quests using variables stored on an undroppable item in pc inventory?

I know how to locate the item using GetItemPossessedBy, and how to set/retrieve the variables (sorta…), but a step by step guide would be nice 'cause i’m not exactly sure how to make it all work.

I am using PQJ. Problem is all journal updates are account wide if pc’s use the same name for their toons, if there is a way around this (an edit i can make to the PQJ include) without having to switch over to item based quest storage, please let me know.


Edit #3 - This will be for a small faction based dungeon crawler persistent world. Been slowly working on it for some time. I struggle with the coding, but have made a lot of progress so far.

wasn’t asking for code, just a breakdown of the steps needed to make this work…

I’m not familiar with pqj, so I’m not much help there. You’re welcome to my quest system if you want it. It saves quest states to the organic sqlite database and is per pc, not account.

hello! thanks for this, i’m going to try to set it up tonight. lots to read through, looks like its way beyond what i was asking for, awesome.

Ty again!

It is most certainly an overkill of a system, but it should cover most any quest requirement. If you have any major issues, or you can’t get it working right, let me know and I can help. Find me on discord (vault server, nwnx server) as tinygiant. You can also try to message me here, but I don’t check these boards too often, I’m usually on discord.