Question about bonus feat

I’ve made a copy of the item Gloves of the Balanced Hands, and modified it ever so slightly. One of the feats of these gloves is the Bonus Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting. However, when one of the companions in my module equip the gloves he can’t fight with two weapons it seems. Maybe I’m missing something here. There doesn’t seem to be any race or class restrictions on the gloves.

Is the character in question a gnome or a halfling trying to wield a medium weapon?

Ah, yes, he’s in fact a halfling. Then it has to do with that, I presume?

I think adding Monkey Grip into the equation would fix it. The problem is the limit on the size of weapon a halfling or gnome can use one-handed.

Yes, I believe halflings/gnomes can only dual wield light weapons. They have to wield medium weapons with two hands. Large weapons they cannot use at all. Yes, the monkey grip feat would be nice.

Death by a thousand paper cuts.

Thanks for the replies guys! Hmmm, I might try the Monkey Grip then. Thanks.