Question about creating custom armor

Fiddling around again with a new module, there’s something I’ve been annoyed with for a while.

If one would like to have a, let’s say, Studded Leather armor, but with a custom look, for some reason the game adds like shoulder pads and whatnot to the appearance of the armor. How do you get around that? The only way I’ve seen thus far is by using Armor Type Cloth instead of Leather. How is it not (or maybe I’m wrong here) possible to have a Leather armor without the game and the toolset adding additional stuff that makes the new armor look ugly? Anyone knows?

Hmmm, I think I may actually have found something I’ve never quite noticed before. Under “Chest” there are a lot of accessories with some having other numbers than 0. Maybe that’s where the problem lies. I’ll try that out.

EDIT: Ok, it was that simple. Can’t believe I didn’t realize that before.

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Be warned… I recently swapped all the armours with custom ones and removed all accessories on anybody wearing them and only kept a few original style ones. Which means that you can’t sell them in shops because it will revert to the old style with shoulder pads etc.

All armours must be from chests or npc’s and have had accessories removed, not shops unless you make a whole range of blueprints but I didn’t bother with doing that because there’s enough gear from dead bodies etc. to survive with.

I’m going to leave my swap folders in the campaign folder so if people want the old ones back they can just simply remove the two folders… But they wont be getting shoulder pads etc. they’re not in fashion in my mod.