Question about hitting things

I test my mods by putting in baddies and if they can hit me and I can hit them then all is good, but how does it work ?

Is it this…

If I have an attack bonus of 10 and the baddie has an AC of 20 does that mean I have a 50% chance of hitting them because I can only hit if I get an 11 + and that’s half the numbers possible ?

Forget about feats, damage reductions etc. Is that all there is to it ?

Also why are undead attack bonuses so rubbish ? I’m having to give all my undead fighter class rather than undead.


Believe it or not, I am a bit rusty with rules nowadays, just accepting all is fine (generally). So, I am sure somebody will correct me if I am wrong.

It is a random d20 roll plus any attack bonus versus a character’s AC. Therefore, a PC with an attack bonus of +10 adds that to the d20 roll, (plus any other modifiers as you say, including weapon bonuses) and compares it to a creatures AC value.

You will hit with a roll of 10 plus (10 + 10 = 20). Therefore, the odds are slightly different to 50/50. (i.e. Only 1-9 will miss and 10-20 will hit.)

IIRC, some undead are resistant to certain weapon types, which may be skewing your results.

Also, whatever the bonus, a 20 is always a hit (I think) and 1 is always a miss (there I’m sure!).

Yes, blunt/slashing/piercing as well as silver/darksteel/magic/etc… do have an influence on the result.

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in Classes.2da, col “AttackBonusTable”

#4 Fighters use “cls_atk_1”
#19 Undead use “cls_atk_3”

the cls_atk_1 table is roughly twice as good (per level) as cls_atk_3

I guess you could double the level of your Undead critters … (or just make them Fighters*)

* although that also affects things like their SavingThrow table etc.

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Lance_Botelle… That’s confirmed what I thought, my main issue was having useless baddies that can’t hit the PC.

4760… I remove a lot of the damage resistances unless I think they make sense. eg. why can’t you critically slash a zombies head off or hammer a wight to death ?

kevL_s… Cranking up the levels makes the hit points go ridiculous so I have been going with the fighter option and giving feats in creature weapons in some cases. I really think the undead are getting a bit of a raw deal here !

Thanks everybody, much appreciated I’m going to do some number crunching now.


… because they don’t care



If you want to see all of the atk bonuses/penaltys being applied to the combat, then go into your console and type
enablecombatdebugging 1
You’ll then be able to see more detailed combat info in your message window during a fight. It’s actually very interesting to see what is/isn’t being applied.
Type this to shut it off:
enablecombatdebugging 0


travus… I will do that at the next massacre I’m testing, thank you.