Question About Horses and Saddlebags

In x3_mod_def_load there are two switches:

// * Use horse's inventory as a storage for saddlebag content.

// * Dont forget to place the storage waypoint for this to work!

My understanding is that I uncomment the first line to enable saddlebags, then the PC can access the horse’s inventory to store excess gear as if the horse was a container.

If I am using a waypoint with the tag “X3_HORSE_INVENTORY_STORAGE” as noted in @Proleric 's Builder’s Guide to Horses and Creature Scaling in the Lexicon, do I need to uncomment the second switch? It seems to me that switch only is needed if I’m using a database.

You’re on the right lines.

If you use that waypoint, the X3_SADDLEBAG_DATABASE has no effect, whether you set it or not.

By default, the NWN data base is used. X3_SADDLEBAG_DATABASE merely changes the data base name. Using the waypoint disables the data base entirely.

I don’t know enough about persistence to say whether the containers created around the waypoint are suitable for PW but they work fine in SP.