Question about Hostile encounter/deers

So i’ve created a hostile encounter that is player triggered otherwise i doubt the DEER in my forest area would spawn, but now will that deer attack us or run away? Without putting a single creature deer is there anything i can do to put a neutral deer as an encounter with polygon? Or did i do it the right way? This is so silly but thanks!

You can always customize the creature blueprint and use the customized deer in your encounter. BTW: the customized deer should have the faction set to Enemy, also the scripts commanding flight or fight behavior might need some tinkering.

Unless I’m mistaken, you just want deer that are deer, and not adversaries for your PCs. If you are placing those deer in the area, you’ll need to open their properties and set their Faction to Commoner. If you want them to be more neutral than Commoner, then you’ll need to create a custom faction that you define.

If you’re spawning the deer, the same applies, though you may need to create a custom deer blueprint if the one you currently were using is from a default resource (via standard toolset resource or hak resource)

Thank you so much it makes sense :wink: the thing is i’m using HCR i hope my custom ones will be skinnable for meat to cook tho

The most neutral of the built in factions is Merchant not Commoner. Makes sense. They’ll sell to anyone.


You can always make an Animal faction, which is local, and neutral to every other faction (including itself)… except Hostile, perhaps.

Otherwise, you either have to make the deer Plot, or else accept that killing a deer will make all Commoners / Merchants in the universe hostile (which seems kinda dumb to me).

Changing the faction on your animals won’t have an effect on being able to skin your animals for meat (if my memory for HCR holds true). HCR checks something else (usually Creature type, either Animal or Beast, or both if the flag is set).

HCR Checks for creature type for skinnability, it must be “RACIAL_TYPE_ANIMAL”. Standard deer are spawned with the behavior state flag “NW_FLAG_BEHAVIOR_HERBIVORE” which makes them run from any non ranger/druid not of a “friendly” faction. fyi

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Wow thank you so much :wink: