Question about moving npcs and pc

I noticed when I use the ga_move script for an npc and another script to make the pc move to almost the same spot, the pc always move a little faster. Even if I delay the movement by 3 seconds for the pc, the pc always arrives a bit faster to the waypoint. Anybody knows why that is? It’s not a big problem, I’m just curious of how this can be.

Non-Default Walk Rate for the PC? Try changing the Walk Rate on the NPC and see if that makes a difference.

Also Some sub races have adjustment

Found in Racialsubtypes 2da , endurance, positive value makes the race type move faster.

Also, maybe they have a feat that increases speed?

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That would be dash and wings respectively.

Dash is a general feat anyone can take, increase speed by 5%

Wings is a racial feat for teiflings and aasimar[some say favored soul bonus feat too], increase speed 20%

There are plenty of other feats that increase movement speed.

Long Gait: (Gray Orcs) +10%
Woodland Stride: (Druid 2, Ranger 7, Clerics w/ Plant domain) +10% in outdoor, natural environments
Fast Movement: (Barbarian level 1 or Cleric with Travel domain) +10%
Monk Speed: (Monks) +10% [at level 3] to +50% [at level 18]
Sacred Speed: (Sacred Fist) +10% [at level 3] to +30% [at level 8]
Frantic Reactions: (Neverwinter Nine) +10%

That’s not true. The only race in NWN2 that receives this feat is half-celestials (Kaelin in MotB).

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Thanks for all the replies!

Well, my PC is a Rogue that has Dexterity 15 and the feat Mobility. The NPC is a sorcerer and has Dexterity 10 (and no feat that I can see that makes the NPC move faster). Both ar human. The walkrate on the NPC is set to default.

Thanks for all the new knowledge. Always thought there was more.

Interestingly wings is classed as racial feat but given to nobody? Other than the npc.

Wow a char with all those speed feats could move really fast.

Back to the question, since both are same race, is the npc carrying alot of items?

Other than that I have no idea why the time delay. As far as i know, the classes involved do not have default movement feats.

Are they simultaneously moving to the exact same waypoint? Perhaps the npc has to recalculate his path since he has to take pc crossing his direct path into consideration? Try somaring them side-by-side and maybe change up the bump state?
Kinda loose suggestions, but that’s what came into my mind.