Question about patch haks / userpatch.ini

This might be a rather naive question, as I’m not that tech-savvy, but here goes:

I noticed that the userpatch.ini allows commenting out lines when prefaced with #. This makes me wonder if it would also recognize any type of other commands that could be used e.g. in DOS batch files back in the days, specifically: Would it be possible to have different versions of the user patch in different sections inside the same userpatch.ini and then link to one of them with something like a GO TO command? Or can the file only be used in the most strict way of what it was meant for?

The idea is that it would be much quicker and easier to switch out the word after such a GO TO command then to edit the complete userpatch.ini every time e.g. something is commented out and all the numbers have to be adjusted. Not sure if I make myself clear?

Of course. I’m aware I could also just create different userpatch.ini files and rename them, or use NIT for override management, but right now I would like to know if something like the above would be a potential solution or just a silly newb’s wishful thinking. :innocent:

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I guess noone else knows either? Neither a clear no, nor a yes? :sweat_smile:

No, the userpatch ininfile is just an ini, it doesn’t do any kind of control flow.

Ok, thanks!