Question About Texture Mapping in EE

Hi all,

I have a question about making texture maps, or fancy maps in EE. I’ve been experimenting with using our AI overlords to upscale textures in existing tilesets, and then using Materialize to create diffuse, height, normal, metallic, and smoothness maps, that NWN Crunch then converts into DDS (And specular and roughness map) files for me. However, it seems that when I import them into the Neverwinter Nights toolset as hac files, they only work when the roughness map is excluded. However, the lack of a roughness map makes everything look overly shiny. If I try to use Materialize to not include a roughness map, it looks overly shiny in there too. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for overcoming this? I see that in the Dark Ages project the roughness maps are not included but it does not look shiny or plastic.

Thank you!

To anyone else new to texture mapping in NWN EE, Tarot Redhand helped me solve this in the Beamdog forums, and provided a work around for the 16 character limit issue in Hak files. Trouble with Creating a Custom HakFile to Override Existing Tilesets with Texture Maps — Beamdog Forums