Question about Triggers Inside of Triggers

Is it good form to paint triggers inside of another trigger (when the two call for completely separate events to trigger), or is that a bad practice? Just curious on how other builders approach this.

why not? I do this myself to workaround the issue with trigger position (which is not a center but one of the corners which is then problematic if you want to check something around certain distance of/inside the trigger)

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Thanks, Shadooow. I feel like I knew that, but have since forgotten with onset of old-age-ism.

I agree with Shadooow. I stack triggers on top of each other especially when they check different things.

Shadooow’s response reminded me of something that few ever knew and others never realized what to do to circumvent it and that is how a trigger determines it’s “center”. The “center” of any trigger in NWN is actually the start and end points. The point at which you first click to draw the trigger and then close it is the “center”. So, if you use a script in a trigger which uses the “center” of it as part of it’s calculations to do something, the easiest work around is to draw your triggers in a pie shape (even if squarish). IE, you start at what you wish to be the “center” of the effect when you draw it, then draw out to your perimeter and make your shape, ending it with a “small slice” missing.