Question about word wrapping on placeables

Am I the only one who has this issue on putting a description on the “name” field of a placeable sign for example so that when you highlight it sometimes the words do a word wrap. How do I fix this?

Why do you need to fix it?

Word wrap reduces the risk of overlap when multiple descriptions are displayed with the tab key.

On casual examination, word wrap can be prevented by keeping descriptions shorter than about 15 characters.

Thanks Proleric for answering. I always appreciate help from you and others in the community who have all this knowledge.

What’s weird is that I have some signs where the wording is longer than other signs where they do not word-wrap. And in some cases I do limit the ‘name’ of a placeable to a few words YET it still word wraps. I tried hitting “enter” to have it go down on a second line but sometimes that doesn’t work.

I was hoping there was a feature to make the letters a smaller font.