Question: Creature blueprints (RESOLVED)

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if I pull the creature blueprints (And placeables blueprints) out of my haks if that will destroy the creatures and placeables on my pallets. I want to be able to edit some of these creatures and delete some of the placeables, but you know you get that message saying that whatever changes you make to them won’t take effect.

I had heard years ago that one could delete the blueprints out of the haks and it wont destroy those items on the pallets and then you could delete them or edit them on the toolset at will…is this true? So does that mean that in the case of creatures I delete the hak blueprints for will still have all their abilities and scripts attached to them on the pallets?

Last questions: What do the creature and placeables scripts look like (i.e. the prefixes)…I can’t recall. I just don’t want to delete the wrong stuff.

Much appreciated if anyone can take a few minutes to help me with these questions. You all have helped me tremendously in the past…much thanks!!

If you delete the blueprints from the hak, they’re gone from the module. What you would need to do is export all the blueprints from the hak file, create an erf of them, then import them into the module. Then you’d be able to edit or delete them as you see fit.

Bioware prefixes are nw, x0, and x2 for the most part. Custom scripts from downloaded haks could use almost any prefix.

Thanks bud. So the x0 and x2 are the bioware…but what about the CEP stuff? Do they use their own blueprints? I’m embarrassed to ask…but can you show me an actual example of a placeable blueprint and a creature blueprint with the names of what they are? And I noticed too that in the hak editor it mentions “type”…so what is the “type” for blueprints? I’m assuming when you say x0 and x2 you are refering to the “resource” name…am I correct? I learn best by being shown an example. Also, I don’t think bioware blueprints would be in my haks so I guess I would be looking for other blueprints I picked up along the way…most being CEP I think. So, maybe some CEP blueprint examples? Sorry to bother you or anyone else about this, but I really do not know any of this stuff and I don’t want to delete the wrong stuff. And, finally I will need to know how (after getting them out) to create an .erf for them. I know how to put an .erf into my module, but I never successfully got to create one. I tried once but screwed it up bad…lol

Thanks…good to hear from you…haven’t heard from you in a very long time :slight_smile: hope you are doing fine. Glad to see you back in the gaming community.

I’m around. Needed a break with all the RL stuff going on back then. Thankfully its calmed down now.

Can’t really help you with CEP. I don’t use it and although I did have it dl’d at one time, I lost it - along with most of my other stuff - when my hdd died. The only content that survived is what I had uploaded to the Vault (thank God for the Vault).

The prefixes I listed are referring to script names, not necessarily template names. You are correct in that you won’t have (or shouldn’t have) Bioware templates in your haks. IIRC, CEP blueprints (at least the old ones) started with “zep_”. Not sure about their scripts. Maybe a CEP user will chime in.