Question! Magic Bag \ Bag of Holding, always droppable(In modules, game), if even make in Toolset Option: False. Why?

Magic Bag \ Bag of Holding, always droppable(In modules, game), if even make in Toolset Option: False
It is bug?
And main question, it is for all same or only for me?

If this is for the player dropping the bag, use the curse flag. If a monster drop, maybe you have some items in bag causing this?


For player, and it is strange… In toolset in description of this options, said if chose “True if the item can be dropped by its owner”, but nothing chnages in fact in own modules… By default options set on “False”, but anyway Magic Bags - always dropable! WTF?! Bug?!
I tested…
So, question, it is for all same or just for me?

There are two different place to mark an item as droppable.

  • The droppable property on the Item properties page is not used by most people.

  • The “droppable” check box on each creature’s inventory page usually determines what is/is not dropped when a creature is killed.

  • Scripts can/will override this behavior.

Hope that helps

Changing the blueprint will not effect already placed items in the module - those in inventories of already placed objects (stores, NPCs, etc.) will need to be changed separately.
— edit - just saw this is NWN2, but I am assuming this process is similar.

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I about this Magic Bag\Bag of Holding\Magic Pouch;

And about this options in toolset…:

They always droppable for Player Characters in game, if make some of this in toolset to any random default module…And even if changing options: Droppable - False - True, always same - droppable, why?! Why?! And it is only for me or for all same?

Maybe my Toolset(Version) broken or it is normal, and it is for all - same situation in default toolset(Without scripts, additonal special plugins, etc)?! I just want understand this…

And, question on future, how fixing this, if this for all same? (I means, if for all, Magic Bags - droppable, then how to doing Magic Bags - not droppable from Inventory of character in game?) Is there a way, ways?

But, main question - it is for all - this same situation or only for my Version of my Toolset?!

For example, i not want lost all my items(For example by Pick Pocketing or somethis like that methods, or after dead), in one Magic Bag on some server… I won’t advertise…

But, first i must understand… In default, it is for all - same situation, and it is normal?! Or only for me, and my version of my toolset, maybe broken or something like that?!

Droppable, on True or False, and this(Magic Bags) always only Droppable?.. Wtf?!..

+Sorry, here was language barrier, was used - internet, online google translator…

Thanks in advance!

That is not where most users set items to be dropped.
Select a creature or blueprint
Open it’s properties
Go to the Inventory tab
Edit the inventory
Add or delete items and check only the ones you want to be droppable.
(see below)

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I see. It is works for NPC, comapniions, how i see on your screen… But, how make this is for player?(For Inventory of players) For me?! Not for NPC Characters, or companons in game…
For me, for my playable characters\build in game, in my inventory(If press button: “I”, in game NWN2) - Magic Bags, always droppable!.. Always…

In other words - how make not droppable Magic Bags \ Bags of Holding in game, on servers, for players in game?!(From their inventory) It is possible or no?!

In simple words - how make that, for when my playable character(Me) in game, pressing inventory, and he\i can not drop this Magic Bag \ Bag of Holding on the ground…(Because, right now, always can… Always can be droppable from inventory of my Characters, this - Magic Bags \ Bags of Holding…)

I think this is impossible doing for players characters, by of default methods\options(In tools of NWN2), and can be changed, only by scripts, right?

I not want lost all my many good items, in one Magic Bag\Bag of Holding, on server…

try Cursed TRUE (cursed is two slots above droppable)


Set the item to be CURSED and that will make it unable to be dropped by a player.
But the CURSED flag also makes it impossible for an item to be moved from one container/inventory to another.
A way of dealing with this is to use the OnAcquireItem module call to check if the item obtained is a bag of holding and then set the CURSED flag after it has been obtained by the player.


Hm. Okay. Thanks.
But, anyway, this is strange, what developers not made Magic Bags \ Bags of Holding, not droppable, for chosen by standard methods…(In contrast of other items…)

Updated(After tests):
Or wait a second… What?! Lol
It is not only for Magic Bags \ Bags of Holding… It is for all items, armors, boots, etc… I tested… Same situation… Lol… So suck… Developers of NWN2 Toolset, wtf?!
This can be fixing only by Option: Cursed, yes, i tested it… It is suck! Only by this weak, stupid, strange, doubtful method…(To items was not droppabled from inventory of Characters of Players in game \ modules \ servers)
Epic Face Palm…

Okay. Guys, i love talk only true…

Now seriously, and without joke…(I’m sorry as this, in previous my posts)

If talk true, ofcourse i was know about that Method\Property\Effect: “Cursed”(On items), and how it works, and what giving, and even how remove, because i about 20± years play, and work in games Neverwinter Nights(2002)\Neverwinter Nights 2(2006), and many years play on servers in multiplayers of this two great DnD RPG videogames… And of this many years, i ofcourse founds cursed items on servers, and tested it is before in Toolset, also of this many years, i worked many and in toolset…
But, i remember, when i was found Cursed Items on servers, they was drop from mobs, from spawns, but tthey all was, with Red Color Text “Cursed”, and was with minus to somtheing(-Ability Scores, or -Attack Bonus, -Armor Class, -Saving Throws, etc),. but, here, after tests in Toolset of this date 14.01.2023, if change options True on option: Cursed, then, when join to \ in game modules, on any item in game, automatic even not adds red color text "Cursed’, interesting why…(Even not possible to understand, items really Cursed or no, only if try droping curse item from Player Inventory, then can understand… It is also suck…) And not doing something to minus, not to any of cursed items, which i was testing(Boots, Magic Bags \ Bags of Holding, etc. … Strange… But, maybe, on servers it is was a special scipted items?)

+I remember, what items, with properity\effect: “Cursed”, can be clean by spell\scroll(Etc): “Remove Curse”, and after this, item\items, again will be normal, and can be droppable\selled\stoled, etc., lol

I not new in NWN\NWN2, and of Toolsets NWN\NWN2, guys… But, not know all, anyway…

Btw, sorry my bad english language, with some errors in texts…(Hope, something anyway was understable… And hope, what was understable correct…)

If short.
About Item Property: Cursed, i knew…
Was ask, for understand, it is for me or for all same situation. And can make items - droppable or no(In Toolset of NWN2), by other methods… But, i think, other methods, it is only by - scripts…

Anyway, thanks guys, you are best! How and Great Video-Games NWN \ NWN2, and their Toolsets!

Btw, added after time, after tests 2…
Remove Curse by spells or scrolls not removes Curse from Cursed Items, which chose in Option In Toolset: True.(This means, on servers, developers was scripting some random items, and just added on them Property\Effect: Cursed, like spell effect or some, which can be Removed by Spells\Scrolls: Remove Curse. I think so…)
That better, but anyway not love this method…(His name… And, because think it is dubious, not reliable method, but this is a personal opinion …) But, if this method works, then why no… Better, than nothing…

Anyway, thanks…

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