Question: premium modules

Hello everyone - just have a question about premium modules.
I think I’m way behind the times here - but I’ve had NWN Gold for Years, and years.

Am I allowed to download and play what I’ve found?

I’ll show you what I have, and Any help would be great.

First though, I Just bought (through) Wal-Mart online of all places Hordes of the Underdark, and install 1.68, then 1.69 critical build.
I get the sense that few people are even doing these modules …but I don’t know. I’m THRILLED, but always was a late bloomer lol.

First I found this at the Vault:

“(Unsupported, requires NWNCx (The Neverwinter Client Extender) +Skywing’s Master Server List Replacement DLL to play) but… - see some comments below. :)”

Then these below:

File infinitedungeons_installer.exe (6540) 167.7 MB
File kingmaker_installer.exe (2949) 73.73 MB
File piratesoftheswordcoast_installer.exe (6049) 42.99 MB
File shadowguardpluswitchswake_installer.exe (3087) 101.74 MB
File trailer_infinite_dungeons_large.wmv_.7z (1122) 27.36 MB
File wyverncrown_installer.exe (6401) 223.4 MB

Then I thought WOW, and waited for HOTU to arrive to even try some other mods but here’s the things - I can’t get beyond the authentication ‘box’ despite this: (Sawark wrote on 11/03/2014)

"It looks like these mods are now re-classified as freeware/abandonware.

I’m not sure if the authentication server is down or not, but I know that the authentication is automatically passed now, no matter if you ever paid for the given module or not, and no matter if you use any third party solutions with your NWN (like those I mentioned there) or not, so you can play these mods freely.*
*This is true and confirmed for the Wyvern Crown of Cormyr at least (I checked this in September and now once again - just a minute ago), and probably is true for others as well.

Edit: I’ve just checked Pirates of the Sword Coast - I can play it with no trouble. Pity that I haven’t got too much free time this week. ;)"

I’ve installed Infinite… and I think one other but this box won’t even allow demo play. I have plenty to do but was wondering if anyone

know if there’s a way to earnestly obtain authentication, or a work around that’s perfectly legit. I have a pretty good handle on

freeware/abandonware but this was 5 years ago.


I’m no expert, but now that NWN:EE is available, you can buy the Premium Modules, so I guess that’s the safest course.

The related links here are to help people who already purchased them, as I understand it.

@Tedorikk_sab, welcome ! As you will soon discover I know very little about very little but welcome anyway ! I’m on EE ( comes with HotU for free) and it was pretty cheap to buy and works seamlessly with everything it seems so if you have too many struggles that wouldn’t be a silly course of action.

Thank you both for such quit direction. Somehow it does not surprise me, these years later with new found interest in a magnificent, and richly cultural environment that somehow I’d miss the most important piece of the puzzle as it were. EE. Well there it is.
I suppose what I don’t know is if what I have install right now is useless/obsolete toward or with anything I might purchase on-line. What does EE mean necessarily?
Jimdad55 wrote " I’m on EE ( comes with HotU for free) and…"
Does that entail just a fresh install from a digital download, and scrapping everything I already own?
NwN Gold (box) and brand new(ly) HOTU (box) etc… even a couple new save games.
I realize most or all of my questions are beyond fundamental, but every journey begins with the first step.
Thank you very very much :thinking:

You didn’t believe me when I said I knew nothing, did you ? :grinning:

I bought my EE digital version through Steam and it has been pretty seamless so far but there are alternatives such as through GOG or the Beamdog client.

As far as I know, EE will work with anything that has gone before, NWN1 wise. Beamdog, who brought out EE have stated that their primary aim is not to break anything that has gone before. They have even hired people from the NWN community and seem to have pretty good relations with the previous generation of builders. I’ve downloaded stuff from the Vault and everything works. EE is compatible with 1.69 so I’m thinking that any module you have created will work just fine with it.

Look here.

However, Proleric is the man when it comes to actually knowing for certain and I’m sure he will be along soon.

LOL the only thing I learned for certain over the years is how little I know about this game…

However, I can say from direct experience that EE can be installed alongside an older version. You can then still play both (though I only keep the old one for development). You can point EE at your old files, or copy them into the EE folders. Either way, almost all the old stuff works fine on EE.

The only real constraint is that mods made for EE don’t work on the old version.

If you buy direct from Beamdog, the developers get all of the money…:grinning:

Personally I have a rule of thumb. If something is available to buy or is still in active development, it is not abandonware. BeamDog sell the premium modules now (so do steam and gog) so by my reckoning they are not abandonware.


I agree TR, honestly, very good advice.
None-the-less I feel compelled to point out two things.
On the one hand what I found, these premies, were here in the NwN Vault - links post to them etc., etc…,
In the other hand is the simple truth that these posts where 4-5+ yrs ago.
3 things…
I’d never take what’s not appropriately, to be taken. Hence my addressing you, the fine people of this community.
Thank you very, very much for all of your help.