Question regarding packages

Lately i’ve been toying around with custom packages.

I added 2 new packages to packages.2da using fighter as one’s base and cleric as the other’s base.

I set up new packft****.2da for both of them, as well as skill ones. Skills work just fine.

But when it gets to feats things get a little weird.

2DA V2.0
FeatIndex Label
0 107 WeapFocGSw
1 28 PowerAtk
2 6 Cleave
3 101 WeapFocLongBow
4 27 PBShot
5 145 WeapSpeGSw
6 10 Dodge
7 391 GreatCleave
8 69 ImpCritGSw
9 63 ImpCritLongBow
10 139 WeapSpeLongBow
11 26 Mobility
12 392 SpringAttack
13 23 KnockDown
14 5 CShot
15 30 RapidShot
16 408 BlindFight
17 19 ImpPower
18 21 ImpStrike

That feat list works fine for a fighter npc (Based upon Regdar) levelling up to lvl 20, with henchmen functions or using the level up wizard in the toolset. I had to avoid some feats that where not accepted on any of the level up methods.

But when it comes to the cleric…

2DA V2.0
FeatIndex Label
0 0 Alertness
1 7 CmbtCast
2 13 ExtTurn
3 94 WeapFocLgMace
4 36 SpellPen
5 169 SpellFocusEvo
6 401 GreatSpellPen
7 397 GrSpllFcsEvc

… everything works until Extra Turning. After that engine only accept crafting or epic feats (scribe scroll, epic mummy dust).

I have checked feats.2da to see if there was anything regarding requirements, but nopes.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

What i’ve thougth as a workaround is set an empty packft**** so automatic Class feats will be taken and bypass the customized feat list by script. Think it should work.

just a shot in the dark here, but i think it might be possible that things are working exactly as they should. the engine selects the first feat in your package list that fulfills all required criteria for the feat to be obtained. for this reason, you want to arrange your package feats from most difficult to obtain => least difficult. in this ordering, epic feats would appear first, and feats w/fewer requirements much later. if you’re seeing mummy dust being chosen before weapon focus: heavy mace, it could be that your character satisfies the criteria for mummy dust – which would normally appear before weapon focus: heavy mace – so the engine chooses mummy dust as the new feat.

if this isn’t the case for you, then [and here another shot in the dark – boy, blowing holes in the walls everywhere tonight…] you might want to proofread the appropriate entry in packages.2da. i’ve had package issues where my carefully-crafted package file was completely ignored because of stupid errors [filename too long, one space too many in the entry, etc.]. make sure your newly-created package file is actually being consulted before you go any farther.

It happens that I forgot that Aurora Toolset seems to misunderstand custom class packages… so , they were working just fine ingame.

What you say about feat requierements is ok, but I think that if I aim for a one way package I should go the way I did, at least for now.