Questions about the new Android release

This week’s Android release is supposed to be compatible with saves exported from PC, but it doesn’t work for me. The Android version still says 1.79, and won’t open PC saves made with 1.80, with the same message as before about version mismatch.

Has anyone got this working?

Also, does anyone know how to access the settings in game? Or make the icon bar vertical again (probably the same question)?

Tried asking on the Beamdog forum, even raised a ticket, but no replies yet.

An odd thing about installation - after pressing Update in Google Play Store, it updated (#1), then displayed the Update button again, which, when pressed, did another update (#2) before displaying Play. I then started the game from desktop, which triggered another, longer update (#3). I guess I was expecting updates #1 and #3, but not #2.

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Beamdog has confirmed that while the new Android client is compatible with servers running 1.80, it will not run modules or saves made in 1.80.

Maybe this will get fixed one day.

Still no word about how to access settings, but that’s academic for me right now, as my only reason for using Android is to continue with games started on the PC when not at my desk.

Making the menu bar vertical again is an option under Controls, it turns out.

Now it appears on the left, not the right, which is a bit confusing when playing on both PC and Android, but at least you can see the chat log at the same time.

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