Questions on the Humanified models

Do they use the same heads as the original models?
Do they work with the current riding / swimming/ flying animations
Do the Beards for female dwarves still work for those?

I know they allow those races to use the clothing models for humans

any Downside to using these?

In that case, they probably use the human skeleton, unless all the human clothes have been ported for these models.
If they do use the human skeleton, then the human heads (except of course if the humanified models have their own) should be usable. And riding and swimming animations should work as well.
Dwarves have their own skeleton, so dwarven heads would probably not fit (which means beards for female dwarves won’t work either).
But I’m just guessing…

There’s more than one way to humanify the various non human-body races.
Personally I liked the way I did it (no way!) more than the one that was released on the vault, but I only did it for rock gnomes…
At the end of the day, in PWs, players tend to cry about any changes to their characters they didn’t pre-approve, so while offering the humanified versions is good, you’re better off continuing to let your players use the old version, one easy way to do this is with SetAppearance on a chat command or something, so they can choose.

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We do not give our players the option to change anything but their hair styles once the toon is finished